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    Hello Screaming Firehawks
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    We're true blue Earthers. Scott (Miller) is from Minnesota, but we're both based in Singapore for the foreseeable future. But really, home is in front of our computers - we’re addicts, the both of us. 

    We started somewhere in the first season (we don't remember where) and then we binged. I needed some convincing at first, since Scott has a penchant for shows that are fairly wordy... West Wing , Star Trek: TNG , Justified - he's made me watch these shows, and I've enjoyed them a lot, but I don't naturally gravitate towards them. I'm quite comfortable with goofy stuff actually. As for the moment that had me hooked: it was Miller's hair - he wears it with panache. Also, I have a soft spot for downtrodden detectives. As for Scott, he was deligh…

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    Hello everyone!

    Sure! Well, I think by far this was my favorite cosplay I've ever done-not only because it's extremely fun to be a walking protomolecule, but also because my whole family cosplayed The Expanse together. We all got to nerd out and bond haha. There was also a ton of people that didn't know what The Expanse was but said they'd check it out after seeing my cosplay.I was extremely grateful for that.And when people did recognize me it was the best feeling ever!But The hardest part of being Julie would have to be keeping the mouth peice in-it hurt a lot ha!

    Also not breaking the inner wiring was stressfull haha. Not really sure if that's what you wanted to know but it's what came to mind :) Overall a great experience!

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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the first in a series of fan profiles on this wiki.  This is one in a sequence of profiles on the cosplayers of the Expanse fandom.

    Mike Interbartolo was kind enough to answer some questions for us on the wiki. Mike submitted photos of a Belter in an VAC suit for the 2017 Expanse Halloween cosplay contest.  Or actually, he had his wife submit photos with her Twitter account.

    Mike is a devoted fan and for his efforts, he received the award for "Best Belter" and the award for "Most Attention to Detail".  Here is what he told us.

    Since the show aired back in December of 2015.  I was hooked by the online streaming preview Syfy did.

    I never heard of the books before the show, but after season one ended I started reading th…

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    Are you creative? Are you artistic? Make drawings, videos, etc...  Get others to make them of you.  Need an idea? Imagine what you would look like in Power Armor or a EVA suit or wearing belter tats.

    Do you have the latest? Are you caught up? When does the next one become available? Did you miss some detail?

    Are the subheadings right? Are the categories right? is each bit o content in the right place?

    Okay, so Ty and Abraham didn't do everything exactly as they did in the books.  Let's point out how it's different. May be we can start a discussion over why they had to or why it's better or maybe they had to give up something

    Let others know where they can go to meet cast, crew and fans. Take photos and video then, post them here.

    What cool item…

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