• AlbertEpstein

    Are you creative? Are you artistic? Make drawings, videos, etc...  Get others to make them of you.  Need an idea? Imagine what you would look like in Power Armor or a EVA suit or wearing belter tats.

    Do you have the latest? Are you caught up? When does the next one become available? Did you miss some detail?

    Are the subheadings right? Are the categories right? is each bit o content in the right place?

    Okay, so Ty and Abraham didn't do everything exactly as they did in the books.  Let's point out how it's different. May be we can start a discussion over why they had to or why it's better or maybe they had to give up something

    Let others know where they can go to meet cast, crew and fans. Take photos and video then, post them here.

    What cool item…

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