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  • AyeCapn

    There are a ton of reviews available by various media outlets. So far, the day of the first episode's release online, initial response seems overwhelmingly positive. That makes me smile.

    I say this because I am a big fan of the books. A big fan. I mean, I haven't gotten this invested in a story and its universe since I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation in my teens. I want the show to succeed and have invested a lot of personal time and energy into reading the books, keeping up on the show's production, discussing things on Twitter, and Reddit, and working on this Wikia. 

    So I had a lot invested, and I didn't want to be disappointed. Despite early reviews I was cautiously optimistic, and ready to accept whatever I got, even if it wasn't …

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  • AyeCapn

    Hi everyone! Cailin Munroe was kind enough to answer some questions for us on the wiki via email. You can find her on Twitter - @hellomunroe

    Who are you? Where do you work? What was your role in the Expanse?

    My name is Cailin Munroe, and I work as the Visual Effects Coordinator on The Expanse . I don't work for Alcon or for one of the VFX companies, I was hired onto The Expanse production directly.

    How did you and your team come to be involved with the Expanse?

    It’s in the bloodline! My patriarch [Bob Munroe] is the Visual Effects Supervisor on the show, as well as one of his very close friends who is the VFX On-Set Supervisor, so we all come as sort of a package deal. Then we have all of the companies and individuals who are working on the eff…

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  • AyeCapn

    I use Wikipedia all the time but rearely contribute. It feels like another place. I think that I could read and use, but am not really qualified to contribute toward. 

    A Wikia like this is a great place to get started. Because the scope is so narrow in what the wiki contains, we as the common folk don;t need to be experts on any particular topic to be helpful. The most important driver is passion for the Expanse - either the books or the show. Oh, I guess speaking and reading English helps too. :)

    But really, just have a look at the pages. See a typo? Make an edit. 

    See a character that doesn;t have a full name listed? Make an edit.

    See something that is flat-out incorrect? Make an edit. 

    When the show premieres in December, this place is going…

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