The Rocinante's friendly mechanic has finally been cast. Amos Burton, the star of the novella "The Churn", will be played by Wes Chatham. The 36 year old actor is known from The Hunger Games, The Philly Kid, In the Valley of Elah, W. and The Unit.

Additionally, it has been announced that Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad, Community) will play Captain McDowell of the Canterbury, Jay Hernandez (Nashville, Gang Related) will play Detective Miller's Earth partner at Star Helix Security and Paulo Costanzo will play Medical Technician of the Canterbury and the Knight, Shed Garvey.

Even more exciting is the fact that the TV series has begun shooting in Toronto[1]!

Ty Franck has written a blog post addressing some potential responses to the casting choices, which I recommend giving a read..

Past cast announcements:

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