If you live in the US, you might have noticed that The Expanse books are currently not very available from Amazon. Preorder options have been removed (a bummer if you're waiting eagerly for Cibola Burn) and existing titles are listed as shipping in weeks instead of days. Discounts have also been removed.

The reason for this is that Amazon and Hatchette (the US imprint of Orbit) are fighting, and James S. A. Corey's books are caught in the crossfire, together with many other authors. Now, people are divided on who's more to blame here; The Authors Guild are accusing Amazon of illegally abusing their market power, but many say Hachette aren't without blame themselves. No matter the background, authors are suffering. New York Times has a good write-up on the situation[1].

So where does this war leave us, the fans? Well, Ty Franck encourages his fans to buy his books elsewhere [2], and Daniel Abraham recommends a number of indie book stores where you can buy them, including ones on their signing tour [3]. Zola has a 30% discount on all Hachette books[4] and you can sign a petition at The Book Wheel Blog[5]

Now, if you live in the US and do pre-order Cibola Burn (or you have a pre-order at Amazon already and aren't convinced to cancel it yet), make sure to claim your signed bookplate[6]!


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