Thomas Jane
The Expanse TV series is finally taking shape in a big way: It was just announced that Thomas Jane will star as Detective Miller in the upcoming show! The actor has received three Golden Globe nominations for his role on HBO series Hung, and is known from films such as Stephen King's The MistDreamcatcherThin Red Line and many more, as well as several indie films.

As this is the first casting to be announced, it allows us to assess how true to their book looks we can expect the cast members to be. The answer so far: Not terribly. Miller is, of course, a Belter; unsurprisingly, Jane is visibly missing the giant head and thin, elongated body. Maybe they'll add it in post-production. Apart from that detail, the Miller of the books is described as having a sad, basset hound face, although I can totally see Jane sporting his signature porkpie hat. The actor is also five years shy of Miller's upcoming 50th birthday – and, might I say, doesn't even look that old! He could've played Holden and I wouldn't wince.

On the other hand, Thomas Jane is a great and funny actor, and I'm sure he can put some weight behind Miller's dry, dreary humor. What do you think? And who do you want for the other roles? Check out our casting thread!

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