The OPA leaders have been cast![1] The Butcher of Anderson Station, Fred Johnson, will be played by Chad Coleman, who portrayed Dennis "Cutty" Wise in The Wire as well as Tyreese in The Walking Dead[2], which seems a great choice. Jared Harris from Mad Men fame, and also from sci-fi cult series Fringe, will play Anderson Dawes. He has the acne pock scars in his face down, if pointing that out isn't considered rude…

Shawn Doyle from Big Love will play Sadavir Errinwright. Although he is a great actor, he physically doesn't look like his literary counterpart, who is dark-skinned, pudgy and has a British accent.

Another casting choice that deviates from the book's description is a Ade Nygaard. The TV series counterpart to the book character Ade Tukunbo[3], who was described as ethnically Nigerian, the Canterbury's navigational officer has a Scandinavian-sounding name[4] in the show and will be played by Canadian actress Kristin Hager from Being Human.

Seeing as James S. A. Corey and the casting crew has gone to great lengths to avoid "white-washing" the cast, "white-washing" (in lack of a better term) these two relatively minor characters seems odd. Considering that Avasarala will have a larger role in the show, it's not weird that Errinwright will as well, but surely there are ethnically Nigerian actresses who can fill the small part of Ade? If she will also have a larger role, that's a pretty major deviation from the book. We will have to wait and see.

  2. Chad also played in the Norwegian TV series Buzz Aldrin, hvor ble det av deg i alt mylderet?, which I as a Norwegian obviously think is his greatest role.
  4. Another win for me as a Norwegian, though!

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