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The Expanse show features numerous weapons: ship-based, small-arms, and improvised.

Miller's revolver (Image 1)

Recovered from UN Black-ops tactical team, used to kill multiple hostiles, including Dresden, Filat Kothari, and multiple mercenaries on Eros. Based on the Chiappa Rhino 50DS (.357 magnum)

16586969 751689268321319 1406891223030353524 o

The 1st Gen "Martian Pistol" (images 2 and 3)  Martian sidearm used by multiple characters, based on the WE X-series airsoft gun, which is in turn based on the Springfield XD-9 9mm.

800px-Martian Sidearm

Star Helix Pistol (images 4-5)


Sidearm used by multiple characters, based on the Glock 26

350px-Star Helix Pistol

2nd Gen Martian Pistol (image 6)


Briefly seen in Season 2 episode 1 on MCRN Siriocco.

OPA SMG (image 7-8)


Seen in assault on Thoth Station, based on Kriss Vector (.45 ACP)

Star Helix Long Gun (image 9-10)

Heckler & Koch SL8-4 (5.56 NATO)

500px-Star Helix Long Gun
500px-HK SL8-4

Umarex Walther Redhawk (Images 10 and 11)


Pulled by UN Tac-team operative.

Walther Red Hawk CO2

Kriss Vector (Images 12 and 13)

800px-ResidentEvilTDIVector 01

SMG used by UN Tac-team operator. Extended magazine, removed buttstock.

APS UAR (Airsoft only) (Images 14-15)

800px-The.Expanse.S01E04.MCRN rifle 1
400px-APS UAR

Electronic rail-mounted sight. Helmet HUD integration?

PDC (Images 16-17)


Possibly based on GE M134 Minigun


Gel Gun (Images 18-19)

GL-06 40mm Grenade Launcher


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