The Expanse show features numerous weapons: ship-based, small-arms, and improvised. This page is dedicated to hand weapons including small-arms, and improvised weapons. Ship weapons are on a separate page.

Discussion Edit

The TV show appears to use current handguns available in real life, that have been dressed to look futuristic. As portrayed by the TV show, it appears likely that 'smart guns' are the norm in the future although this is never explicitly stated.They are 'smart' in the sense that they will not allow an unauthorized user to fire them. During the fight in the lobby of the Blue Falcon Hotel Miller grabs a revolver out of the waistband of the tac team sent to kill James Holden. Presumably it is an 'old fashioned' revolver without smart gun functionality. After the fight he then picks up one of the newer pistols used by the hit teams, compares it to his revolver, and keeps the revolver. Later Miller, with Holden in tow, ambushes a pair of CPM cops wearing helmets and body armor, and carrying assault rifles. Rather then take the assault rifles along with the armor and helmets, Miller and Holden keep using the pistols they have.

This is suggestive but not definitive evidence that other then Miller's revolver, all the guns are smart guns and the cpm thug/cop weapons cannot be used by Holden and Miller. Holden's bear's one of the MCRN pistols that have been authorized from the Toshi, and Miller using a 'dumb gun'.

This theory was officially shot, possibly to death by Drummer at the end of s2e8 when she takes the presumably Martian pistol from Alex's holster and uses it to shoot an OPA leader and the rebellious {Bridge Crewman} in the head. Upon further reflection it's possible that smart weapons in the future merely need the authorized user to unlock them/take the safety off. So Alex's gun may have still been in the live fire setting when Drummer gets it, because Alex has not turned the safety back on after the initial entry into the tycho command center.

Miller's revolver on Eros

While a cop on Eros working for CPM Miller carries a revolver unlike all the other Star Helix cops who use automatics. Also uses a undercylinder barrel like the Rhino, below).

Miller's revolver (Image 1)

Recovered from UN Black-ops "tac team", used to kill multiple hostiles, including Dresden, Filat Kothari, and multiple mercenaries on Eros. Based on the Chiappa Rhino 50DS (.357 magnum)

16586969 751689268321319 1406891223030353524 o

The 1st Gen "Martian Pistol" (images 2 and 3)  Martian sidearm used by multiple characters, based on the WE X-series airsoft gun, which is in turn based on the Springfield XD-9 9mm.

800px-Martian Sidearm

Star Helix Pistol (images 4-5)


Sidearm used by multiple characters, based on the Glock 26

350px-Star Helix Pistol

2nd Gen Martian Pistol (image 6)


Briefly seen in Season 2 episode 1 on MCRN Siriocco.

OPA SMG (image 7-8)


Seen in assault on Thoth Station, based on Kriss Vector (.45 ACP)

Star Helix Long Gun (image 9-10)

Heckler & Koch SL8-4 (5.56 NATO)

500px-Star Helix Long Gun
500px-HK SL8-4

Umarex Walther Redhawk (Images 10 and 11)


Pulled by UN Tac-team operative.

Walther Red Hawk CO2

Kriss Vector (Images 12 and 13)

800px-ResidentEvilTDIVector 01

SMG used by UN Tac-team operator. Extended magazine, removed buttstock.

APS UAR (Airsoft only) (Images 14-15)

800px-The.Expanse.S01E04.MCRN rifle 1
400px-APS UAR

Electronic rail-mounted sight. Helmet HUD integration?

PDC, Point Defense Cannon (Images 16-17)


Possibly based on GE M134 Minigun (Gatling Gun)


Gel Gun (Images 18-19)

GL-06 40mm Grenade Launcher


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