Winston Duarte's office was plain and comfortable. The desk was simple pressed polycarbonate, a little larger maybe than the receptionist's in the lobby. The screen on the wall was set to a calm semi-abstract piece that flowed in sepia and brown, evoking fallen leaves and mathematical proofs in roughly equal proportions.
The only touch of luxury was a shelf of what appeared to be actual printed books on military strategy. The man himself fit in the space like he'd been designed for it.
Nemesis Games
in Chapter 17

Winston Duarte is an admiral of the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. Because of his elevated position, he has access and control over a decent portion of Mars' Navy.

In Nemesis Games, he is a commander on Hecate Base, an aide to Admiral Long that Alex Kamal approaches for information on the missing ships. He does not reveal any involvement with the rogue elements conspiring to arm Marco Inaros' Free Navy but instead redirects Alex to the name of Kaarlo Henderson-Charles who is found murdered in his base housing unit. Duarte gave Alex a dead-end lead and might have actually had someone killed to accomplish that setup.[1] Towards the end of the events in Nemesis Games[2], it is revealed that "a man from Mars" alluded to in the novella The Vital Abyss, is in fact Admiral Duarte, a rank he apparently takes on when establishing his rogue fleet secretly allied with the Free Navy and supplying Marco Inaros' fleet.

In the novella, he hosts a grand experiment that crammed many researchers and scientists together, on Thoth Station, working in teams, many playing each other to make themselves stand out to the men in charge.[3]

The holding cells that the scientists are "housed" in were monitored. And while the scientists actual research was highly valued it seemed that the men running the experiment, were also very interested in how they interacted with each other. How they stepped over each other to gain recognition, and the creativity of their ploys.

Overview Edit

Marco Inaros and his fringe faction of the OPA have been getting a hold of Martian ships and military tech. It seems Holden and the crew think these ring-bound ships are Inaros's. Many of the top brass on Earth, suspect top officials in the Martian government are in league with Inaros, but Fred Johnson suspects that Inaros is just being used as a tool by some by some rogue agent of the Martian government.

This rogue player has been revealed to be admiral Duarte, with a chunk of the Martian navy following. This splinter group is allied with Inaros, but apparently views him as a tool for their own means. While Duarte's overarching mission is not clear yet, we know that he's also responsible for the theft of the proto-sample from under Fred Johnson's nose.

Currently, Duarte and a growing number of researchers, scientists, and vessels have made a deal with Inaros' Free Navy to have access to the gates, and pass through Medina Station. They are stationed in the Laconia system.


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