The Xinglong was small privately owned prospector ship. Several families have put their savings together and invested in this spaceship. For the rest of the finances needed, they have taken a loan from Consolidated Holdings and Investments.

Financial trouble Edit

The profits from the Xinglong weren't sufficient and its owners fell three payments behind with their loan. Their bank, Consolidated Holdings and Investments reacted by putting a lien on their ship. This action probably forced the owners to disable the transponder on the Xinglong, since enabling it would allow their ship to be easily traceable and they would lose it.

Encounter with Scipio Africanus Edit

The Scipio Africanus was a Martian patrol destroyer. It was flying towards a captured comet some few hundred thousand klicks from Chiron to top off its water supply.

Unfortunately for the Xinglong, they were headed the same way. When they closed on the Scipio, the Martian patrol destroyer had fired their PDCs and destroyed the Belter vessel.

Aftermath Edit

After the Xinglong was destroyed, the official Martian press release has claimed that Scipio has tried to hail the prospector ship prior to attacking. The information channels run by OPA disagreed, pointing out that no one has caught any of said transmissions.

In the days following the incident, the outer planet's citizens became even more anti-Martian and the radical parts of OPA had gained many more supporters. Mars reacted by sending over twenty additional warships to stabilize the situation in the reaction and leaving them open to an attack that Earth waged on their home-world a few months after this incident.(this needs to be reworded)

On Ceres, Enrique Dos Santos, who was a Martian citizen, had been nailed to a wall after hours of torture.

Notes Edit

  • For the television adaptation, the incident with Xinglong did not trigger Enrique Dos Santos to be impaled by a prospector's spike. Rather, in a similar act, Filat Kothari (A.K.A. "Pock Mark") committed this act against Detective Dimitri Havelock, Josephus Miller's partner and an Earther, as a response to the destruction of the Canterbury.
  • Also in the television adaptation, the Xinglong was owned by the family of Mateo, Diogo's uncle. The incident with the Xinglong and the MCRN patrol was shifted later in the timeline. Diogo was crew at the time however his uncle ensured his fate did not end then. Instead, this became a formative component to the backstory of a television character who would've been introduced much later in the novels.

Trivia Edit

  • Xinglong is a former Chinese fishing village turned coastal resort.[Citation needed]
  • Xīnglóng (興隆) is also the name of an astronomical observatory in Héběi (河北) province, Yánshān(鹽山) county. The observatory is credited with discovering three minor planets in the final years of the 20th century.

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