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The MCRN Yangtse was a small Martian Congressional Republic Navy ship that attempted to board the Rocinante before receiving Black Ops codes identifying the vessel as a undercover friendly vessel. At which point immediately acknowledged receipt then completely aborted and backed off without question.

Mendacious. Ubiquitous. Polyglottal.
— Alex Kamal
in "Windmills"

Appearance Edit

Season 1 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Yangtse, though using a different spelling thanks to an alternate transliteration ruleset, is also the name of a long river in China frequently promoted as a scenic tourist destination.
  • Donkey balls
  • The word "ubiquitous", as used in the sequence of code words given by Alex to the Yangtse, apparently evolved in the TV adaptation from the use as a signal (in the novel Leviathan Wakes) between the survivors of the Canterbury and Fred Johnson to indicate no coercion.

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